Business Coach for Artists:

If you are a right-brained creative that needs left-brained business skills, you’re in the right place. Without solid business support, training and practices, a creative business is a hobby that uses your resources and stresses you out. I’ve learned so much the hard way, but luckily I have had priceless training and support with mentors and learned to do business in an effective and authentic way.  Certified as a Martha Beck coach ('03) and a Best Year Yet Coach ('17), I am a business coach for artists and craftspeople who really want to get their work out there. I can help empower you and gently, yet boldly support you to strengthen your confidence and fortify your bank account. Visit Jen Aly Coaching to learn more &/or schedule a complimentary breakthrough session.

Workshops I offer to arts organizations:

"Money Mindset Makeover for Artists"

"Top 10 Marketing Musts for Creatives"

"Sell Your Work Without Being 'Salesy'"