• You are VERY creative. You have so many ideas that you don’t know where to start at times.
  • You feel confident in your craft/work/offerings, but are not as confident in business, marketing, systems, and sales. You want to move into the next level of business and income growth, yet there’s a disconnect on the best way to get there.
  • You have voices in your head that say, “Wanting more money is greedy,” “If I want to make more money, I have to sell out.” “I’ll be overwhelmed if I work more to make more money.” “I can’t make a lot of money doing what I do.”
  • The voices in your head (and deep beliefs) may be holding you back and they are not even yours in the first place. Learn how to release limiting beliefs, social programing, and empower yourself to take next actions at a whole new level.
  • Your inner rebel doesn’t want you to conform to be successful. Even though you’ve chosen the creative path, you have doubts and pessimistic voices from society bouncing around in your head.
  • You keep waiting to “figure it out” but a part of you aches to move forward in a bigger way.
  • And you are ready to not only release limiting beliefs about money, business, marketing, and sales, but to create a next level vision for how your life and business look.

Us creative types like us are not usually drawn to traditional business training.

We need a more out-of-the-box, integrated approach that is relevant to us, that helps us apply business tools in ways unique to our strengths and our values, that leverages the creative process.

This specialized support is exactly what I offer. I was initially trained in business by a company that teaches holistic practitioners business skills. Turns out, artists have a lot in common with holistic practitioners.

Business, marketing, and sales have their own structures and understanding them and leveraging your strengths, including your creativity and intuition is part of what can take you to the next level.

I created my jewelry design business from scratch and it made a profit in one year (I know, it’s jewelry so easier than fine art, but still). The steep learning curve of being a product based business was brutal, and I did my time on the craft show circuit and sold anywhere I could for the first couple of years.

As a business coach, I’m dedicated to helping artists, creatives, and rebels to walk their path of success and create prosperity. I studied with and worked for Thrive Academy, my initial foundation for marketing, heart-centered sales, and money mindset.

I’m a jewelry designer, “retired” English teacher, life coach, healer, and business strategist who has learned a lot about money and business the hard way and with the help of lots of amazing mentors.

I am a bridge between the creative world and the business world and a guide for those who want to find their own way into and through business and into more expression and prosperity.

What makes me unique?

  • Business consultant
  • Life coach and a bit of a head shrinker
  • Artist/creative/maker
  • Former freelancer and teacher
  • Ruthless advocate for your dreams
  • Money and numbers nerd
  • Intuitive truth teller

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Workshops I offer:

"Embrace Business as a Creative Process"

"Money Mindset Makeover for Artists"

"Top 10 Marketing Musts for Creatives"

"Sell Your Work Without Being 'Salesy'"

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