Blue Jasper Calm Transformation Pendant


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This pendant truly draws attention. The top stone is imperial jasper with twinges of brown that are highlighted by the chocolate glass foil bead and the dangling fresh water pearl. I wrapped the top two beads in half-round sterling silver and topped the triptych with a sterling silver pendant bail.


-Jasper is a transformational stone that opens your mind to change for healing. (The color of this bead ranges widely. Some are more green with tan than turquoise. If you want to choose your bead, I can send you photos.)

-Brown glass is grounding and clarifying.

-The pearl is calming for the emotions…and maybe even the voices in your head. 😉


This pendant looks great on a sterling silver chain or leather.

If you’d like to add a sterling silver chain, just ask. Prices range from $15-$45.