Simple Gemstone Necklaces (20 choices!)


All necklaces are .925 sterling silver with gemstones.
Choose your chain and gemstone.


Jen Aly Designs: Jewelry with Intention

What do you want more of in your life? Abundance? Calm? Flow? Healing? Wear your intention!

All necklaces are .925 sterling silver with gemstones that are wire-wrapped with Argentium silver, which has .960 silver content & germanium, which rises to the surface to help prevent tarnish.

Simple Gemstone Necklaces:
Chain options:
1) .925 Sterling Silver 18″ sparkle twist chain
2) .925 Sterling Silver lightweight rolo chain with 16″ or 18″ adjustability

Argentium silver wire-wrapped gemstone necklaces:

  • “Harmony” sea foam chalcedony 10-15mm
  • “Expression” sky blue chalcedony 10-15mm (out of stock)
  • “Peace of Mind” chrysoprase 9 x 11 mm
  • “Grounding” amber chalcedony 10-15mm
  • “Healing” labradorite 10-15mm
  • “Protection” turquoise 10-15mm
  • “Unconditional Love” prehnite (light green) 10-15mm
  • “Energy” quartz 10-15mm
  • “Calm” opalite (milky white, takes on color of background) 9 x 12mm
  • “Prosperity” smoky quartz (clear gray) 5-9mm
  • “Flow” white fresh water pearl 5-7mm
  • “Balance” apatite (clear turquoise blue) 3-9mm
  • “Clarity” citrine 3-9mm
  • “Fortune” moonstone 3-9mm
  • “Encouragement” aquamarine 3-8mm
  • “Serenity” peridot 3-8mm
  • “Abundance” Prasiolite (green amethyst) 3-8mm
  • “Intuition” Purple amethyst 8-12mm
  • “Heart” Rose Quartz 5-12mm
  • “Joy” lapis lazuli (rainbow effect on clear aqua stone) 10-15mm
  • “Wisdom” garnet 3-8mm

Expect variability of exact size, faceting, and wire-wrapping style which depend availability of gemstones and other factors.

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.925 Sterling Silver 18" sparkle twist chain, .925 Sterling Silver lightweight rolo chain with 16" or 18" adjustability


"Peace" sea foam chalcedony, "Expression" sky blue chalcedony, "Peace of Mind" chrysoprase, "Grounding" amber chalcedony, "Healing" labradorite, "Protection" turquoise, "Unconditional Love" prehnite (light green), "Energy" quartz, "Calm" opalite, "Prosperity" smoky quartz, "Flow" white fresh water pearl, "Balance" apatite, "Clarity" citrine, "Fortune" moonstone, "Encouragement" aquamarine, "Serenity" peridot, "Abundance" Prasiolite (green amethyst), "Intuition" Purple amethyst, "Heart" Rose Quartz, "Expansion" titantium treated flourite (rainbow effect on clear aqua stone), "Wisdom" garnet