Threaded Silver Earrings with Wire-Wrapped Gemstones


All threader earrings are .925 sterling silver with gemstones.
Choose your gemstone. (see more below)


Threaded Silver Earrings with Wire-wrapped Gemstones

These are go-to earrings for many customers (myself included). They are so light-weight and comfortable, customers have shared that they wear them while dancing, doing yoga, and even sleeping. You can dangle them with the stone pulled up or down, or set in the middle, so there’s a variety in the length at which you can wear them.

All earrings are .925 sterling silver with gemstones that are wire-wrapped with Argentium silver, which has .960 silver content & germanium, which rises to the surface to prevent tarnish.

Argentium silver wire-wrapped gemstone options:

  • “Balance” apatite (clear turquoise blue) 3-9mm
  • “Royalty” blue topaz quartz cube 5mm
  • “Clarity” citrine 3-9mm
  • “Fortune” moonstone 3-9mm
  • “Encouragement” aquamarine 3-8mm
  • “Serenity” peridot 3-8mm
  • “Abundance” Prasiolite cube ((pale)green amethyst) 5mm
  • “Intuition” Purple amethyst cube 5mm
  • “Heart” Rose Quartz 5-12mm
  • “Wisdom” garnet 3-8mm
  • “Healing” labradorite 4x8mm

Expect slight variability of exact size, faceting, and wire-wrapping style which depend availability of gemstones and other factors.

Jen Aly Designs: Jewelry with Intention

What do you want more of in your life? Abundance? Calm? Flow? Healing? Wear your intention!

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"Balance" apatite, "Royalty" blue topaz quartz cube, "Clarity" citrine, "Fortune" moonstone, "Encouragement" aquamarine, "Serenity" peridot, "Abundance" Prasiolite (green amethyst), "Intuition" Purple amethyst, "Heart" Rose Quartz 5-12mm, "Wisdom" garnet, "Healing" labradorite